We design based on logic that can give your business a boost, by making your brand honestly memorable.

We are a communication design studio with a focus on brand identity and digital design. If you have a vision for your brand, and are looking for a team that can help with visual identity expertise to propel your idea forward, we are here to help you. We have worked with numerous clients on projects like corporate identity, presentation design, packaging, websites, social media and much more.

We enjoy and respect the iterative process of design, and our intention is to use it in a way that benefits your brand. Our simple goal is to design and extend brands in clear, precise and meaningful ways.



  • Logic-led visual identity design for start-up businesses, events, and products
  • Re-branding with research for established brands
  • Brand naming and registration
  • Marketing publication design in the form of e-Books, brochures, blog graphics, and more
  • Package design for products, with experience in packaged foods and pharmaceutical products
  • Digital presence for brands through websites and social media design
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An ‘in-house’ internship is where we take up a creatively challenging real-world project, on which the intern works under the studio team. The in-house nature of the project allows a free-thinking approach, and the real-world nature makes it more than a theoretical project.

One of our completed in-house internships was the Indian Pictogram Project, which was a way to represent the coolness of Indian culture with the help of iconography.


Talks About Design (TAD) is a platform that holds design talks, workshops, and portfolio reviews for the betterment of design education, by connecting the learners to the design practitioners. We can organise an event anywhere across India—please read more on our website.


Felt like learning graphic design, but couldn’t really get to it? We offer one-on-one courses for graphic design, which include knowledge about typography, identity design, and more. It’s not a certified course, but it will give you the first-hand experience of life at a design studio. The course will be custom-made to help you achieve your goal in the graphic design field.

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