The Dough Company

sweet as heaven


After successfully running a well-known franchise outlet for a cupcake brand, the owners of The Dough Company wanted to do something new and take it forward in the right direction—without limits. This is the reason they wanted to create their own brand from scratch, and they understood the challenges involved. Nonetheless, they were poised to do something amazing.


The bakery outlets were completely redesigned by Id. Aashish Maloo with a fresh thought process, and the communication design team (us!) was involved from day zero. The order was industrially chic urban design with an icing of classy and a sprinkle of pop.



We thought inside the box mainly—because the box is so important to a cake-maker. Each box has a quirky message inside, and a To: and From: outside, because we know it’s usually a gift. We got rid of plastic bags and replaced them with an innovative box-bag.


The storefront was kept rustic, and the identity was applied liberally, in various formats. The identity was created with a hand-customised typeface, to go with the boutique, hand-made cake making that the brand offers its clients.



The clip-board graphic menus keep changing through the year, as the owners experiment with new menu items. Classy black cake-tags were printed on construction paper to immediately add the beautiful brand identity on everything.


All these beautiful cakes had to travel in style. A custom-designed delivery truck did precisely this, while also promoting the brand throughout town.


Food Photography by Puja Kedia.


Year: 2015 / Country: India / Services: Identity Design, Print Design, Package Design, Environmental Graphics.
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