February 15, 2017

Unprocessed, Ethical Branding.

Life has a habit of giving us shockers from time to time. It could be something like getting unexpectedly let go from a job or a relationship, or losing someone very important, or a health problem. In my case, it was a health problem. I found out that my weight was keeping my body in mild hypertension. As soon as this shock came, I started to act. About 3 months down, I have made sure to lose 15 pounds, and will continue my journey onward. I have to defeat this evil called obesity.

While embarking on this determined journey, I first started to understand the current food scene around us. We are big consumers of processed food. We expect things to be homogenous, smooth, incredibly tasty, and easy 🙂 I decided to live on foods that were either unprocessed or processed in simpler ways. This has actually led to these decent results.

Now, being involved with creating brands, I started to connect the idea of ‘little or no processing’ to brand identities. Isn’t it very often that businesses try to create promises that supercede what they can deliver?

This is true for junk food, electronics, cars, and many more consumer products.



Brands mislead the consimer all the time. While Coca-Cola tells us to open happiness, it may be true that upon consuming it regularly, your health deteriorates—and you are eventually saddened because of that. While Mahindra tells us to live young, live free; its cars are really not up to the mark.

To figure out why brands do this would probably be a thesis topic. But to choose not to do it as a responsible, ethical brand/ agency, would be the right thing to do today. This would surely make things better in this pseudo branding world.

If you think your branding is ethical, I would like to learn. If you think it’s not, I would like to help make it so.

Note: Images from brands are their own property and are only shown here for illustration purposes.

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